My Daily Social Media Management Routine

My Daily Social Media Management Routine

Having your own business means you have to do everything yourself. There’s no one handing out tasks or setting deadlines for you. I’ve been in the social media marketing world for over 7 years and started my social media agency and consulting about 2 years ago. Social media marketing is an never ending, ever evolving process of strategizing, posting, analyzing and doing it all over again. So how do I manage to balance my business, my own social media presence and that of my clients? Let me walk you through my daily social media management routine.

I make coffee

…Because let’s face it, most days my brain doesn’t turn on unless I get some caffeine in it. It’s either matcha or coffee – but coffee usually wins the battle.

Morning Emails

My real social media management routine starts with emails. I like to get emails out of the way as soon as possible. I’m not they type of person who constantly checks emails all day. I find it distracting, and once I get in a groove on a project or task I am in that zone. I tend to check my inbox about 3 times a day.

I Open My Social Media Management Tools

There is no way I’d be able to manage all my client’s accounts (and my own) without some social media management tools. After I’ve taken care of answering and writing emails my daily social media management routine moves on to coordinating posts. My favorite social media management tools are Facebook Business Manager, Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, and Buffer. For all my agency clients we use Facebook Manager to schedule Facebook posts, and Hootsuite to schedule posts on other networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram). We do this because the Facebook algorithm prefers when posts are made via the platform as opposed to a third party. I’ve tried so many platforms that help with social media scheduling and I always end up going back to Hootsuite. It’s my preferred platform for my agency clients simply because I like the look of the listed calendar – it just works for me. I like to see how all the posts stack up for the upcoming day, week and month.

Now AgoraPulse – I didn’t use the platform until I became an AgoraPulse blog contributor, but I do genuinely love it. The scheduling calendar has a clean look and I really like the graphs and analytics information the platform generates (and the fact you can export them). It gives insight into what hashtags are working, who your most engaged followers are and more. Another bonus is that AgoraPulse makes community management a little easier, letting you respond to comments across your networks from the dashboard.

Lastly Buffer helps me automate retweets from my favorite accounts so that I always have great content on my Twitter feed.

Next I Schedule Posts

I always like to have a plan and strategy when it comes to my client’s social media posts. A good balance of pre-scheduled posts with a mix of more spontaneous posts is ideal when building a social media strategy. With that said content schedules are my best friend. They allow me to keep the overall picture in mind when it comes to my client’s social media strategy, make sure that the narrative makes sense, and that I can take advantage of more real time opportunities (like hashtag holidays or related happenings) that makes sense to each individual business I work with. Analytics go hand in hand with the success of scheduled posts, so the point of opening all my social media management tools is to double check peak times and confirm that the posts for the day are scheduled for the best time. I jiggle around the ones that need a shift and that’s it.


Organic engagement on social media is key to a winning social media presence for any brand or business. Once the more tedious tasks are over with I have time to check each of my accounts, as well as client accounts and respond to any comments, get rid of spam, and interact with other accounts that make sense for the brand or business.

To-Do List

Next in my daily social media management routine is to get to my to do list! I’ll carry over any tasks from the day before, add new tasks, schedule calls, adjust my calendar and just get organized in general. This helps me decide what tasks or projects I need to work on and manage my time to get things done!

Content Sourcing

Okay so content sourcing is more of a 24-7 thing than a structured part of my daily social media management routine. I am always on the lookout for good content I can use for myself or my clients. This means bookmarking and buffering great articles, saving images that I can repost or draw inspiration from and Instagram etc.

Other Periodic Tasks

Beyond my daily tasks there are other tasks that are part of my social media routine that get done on a weekly or monthly basis. These include recording analytics statistics, putting together analytics reports for clients, content days where we gather create and content to create social media schedules, scheduling days where we take the content schedules our clients approve and plug them into the scheduling tools. One big social media task that happens periodically is  to work with my clients to adjust their social media strategy to support new goals and initiatives. We scrap what doesn’t work, build on the initiatives that brought results and think of new  and tools to try.

There is always something to do when it comes to social media marketing.


If you thought “doing social media” was easy – it’s not. To manage social media accounts in a way that creates real, authentic growth and value takes time and effort. There are so many tedious tasks with lots of analytics, and strategy behind them. I don’t simply just post a picture and add some hashtags. Each post I create for myself or my clients is based on goals and purpose. Being in this space for over 7 years has taught me that organization is everything, and my daily social media management routine has helped me optimize my time to allow me to work on many social media projects at once.

<3 DhariLo

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