My Top 7 Tips For Going Live On Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

My Top 7 Tips For Going Live On Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

One of the best ways to get the word out about your business, connect with your audience and let them get to know you is going live! Live videos can be a little intimidating, but in this post I’ll go over the top 7 tips that have helped me go live (number 5 helped the most).

1. Add Value

First and foremost your live videos should add value to your audience. Again value can fall into a slew of different categories. Before you decide to go live think about what your intention for the live video is and what you want your audience to get from it.

2. Plan as much as you can

If you get nervous about going live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, planning will be your best friend. Write out an outline of what you’ll be sharing, talking about or demonstrating and prop it next to whatever device you’re recording with. Include your cues for specific actions like screen sharing or demonstrating. With an outline, you’ll feel more comfortable about what’s coming next and you can concentrate on simply following your steps.

3. Tell a story

If you’re not sure how to outline or start planning your live video session, take it back to basics and make sure your are telling a story with a beginning, middle and end. It is the easiest way to organize your thoughts, and will help you give your audience

4. Go live with a friend

Doing things with someone else is always helpful when you’re nervous about anything. If you’re not sure about going live alone try going live with a friend, colleague or try conducting interviews until you feel comfortable enough to go at it alone.

5. Take a class or work with a coach

If you are really in your head about going live I suggest working with a public speaking coach or taking a class. This really helped me a lot before speaking at a conference and starting my weekly #CoffeeWithDhari Instagram live session. I worked with Paul Barton who taught me really simple strategies from getting the nerves out to organizing my presentations. My friend Madalyn Sklar also has a wonderful masterclass for women who want to start using live video for their businesses but are having trouble getting started (the class is called Video Like A Rockstar). Madalyn is SO natural in front of the camera! You get an accountability partner and lots of practice and advice on how to go live.

6. Test Your connection

Connectivity issues can really put a wrench in your live session. Try testing your connection with a random live video session to see how everything works.

7. Be flexible!

Don’t get frazzled by mistakes or technical difficulties. Even when you’ve gone live multiple times and you’ve tested your connection things can go wrong. Remember that this is part of the charm of going live and you’ll just have to roll wit the punches!


Going live on video can be scary no matter what social media network you’re broadcasting to. Being prepared will help but from my experience getting practice being on video is the best remedy. Practice really does make perfect!

How will you start using live videos for your brand?

<3 DhariLo

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