How to Rebrand Your Instagram Account

How to Rebrand Your Instagram Account

A few months ago I took a look at my Instagram account and realized I hated how it looked. I took the time to think about how I wanted to upgrade my Instagram feed and after implementing a few changes I’ve seen great results in the form of more reach and engagement. In this post I have a few tips to share on how you can rebrand your Instagram account.

Pick a Theme

The first step to rebrand your Instagram feed and give your account a facelift is to pick a theme and stick to it. Picking a theme can help you stand out in the sea of content creators out there. This may be easier said than done as you will be limited by photos you can’t use because no amount of editing will get them to match your theme – but that’s okay, think of the bigger picture. You can achieve a consistent look and feel on Instagram by using one filter, adapting consistent photo editing style (via an app or photo editing software), or even in the way photos are cropped, using photo frames or following a specific posting pattern. Your overall feed will have one look and feel and become an extension of you or your brand.

When choosing your new theme think about:

What colors and photos you’re in to. Is it bright colors? Or do you want to reflect darker mood?

What you want your followers to think or feel. Do you want them to see you as clean and crisp? Or is your brand more edgy?

How you can reflect your branding in a visual form. Does your brand have specific colors associated with it? Is your brand super modern or more old school? Fun or more serious?

Once you’ve chosen what theme you want to run with you can move on to the next step in rebranding your Instagram account – choosing content.


The type of content you post and how you post it can also help you refresh and rebrand your Instagram. Once you’ve picked your overall Instagram rebrand theme this can become a little easier to decipher. Think about your brand or blog, what you cover and what things you really love to take photos and videos of. Coming up with content based on your concentrations can help streamline your account as well as your content creation process. With clearly defined themes you can stop scrambling to figure out what to post and shift your gears towards creating higher quality content.


Decide How You Want To Use Instagram

Like working backwards from objectives, consider what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. Will it be simply for visual branding or will you want to drive traffic from posts? Maybe both? Make a list of your goals.

Captions & Messaging

It’s not always all about the picture. Choosing a consistent voice and messaging style will be the cherry on top of your Instagram rebrand. Identify and become really clear on what your voice is. This goes back to how you want your audience to receive your brand.

Older Photos – To Delete or Not Delete?

When you rebrand your Instagram account whether or not you delete photos is completely up to you. Some people want a clean start, while others don’t mind leaving older photos and videos up. Another option is to only keep photos that reflect the new look and feel of your Instagram account. If you’re a little more advanced with editing you may even be able to discreetly transition from one look to the next.


The last step in rebranding your Instagram is to plan out your content and feed. This may seem annoying, but planning ahead is the best way to make sure your look and feel remains consistent over time. You can create a dummy account to test images on or use apps like Planoly or UNUM to see what your photos will look like all together in your feed.

Creating a cohesive theme

Part of re-branding your Instagram is creating a cohesive Instagram theme. Now, I don’t think this is necessary for every brand, but it can be a way to really step things up and veer away from what your account looked like visually before. Follow this guide where I dive a little deeper into how you can create a cohesive Instagram theme for your account: How To Create A Cohesive Instagram Theme.

If you’ve been struggling to see growth or engagement, then it might be time for an Instagram rebrand. Planning your rebrand will take some time, but I’ve seen such great results after putting more effort into the overall look and feel of my feed, and I hope you do too!

<3 DhariLo 

If you’d like 1-1 help with re-branding your Instagram Feed contact me today.

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