Social Media Success Lessons From DJ D-NICE’s Record Breaking Instagram Live Dance Parties

Social Media Success Lessons From DJ D-NICE’s Record Breaking Instagram Live Dance Parties

DJ D-Nice has so many lessons to teach us about social media success during this crazy time. On Sunday, March 22nd the DJ broke an Instagram Live record with over 100,000 viewers on his “Homeschool” Instagram Live stream party – but none of this happened over night, or by following the 80/20 rule. In this post I’m going to break down the biggest social media success lessons you can take away from DJ D-Nice’s historic Instagram Live dance parties.

A little background & the results from his efforts.

As millions of people are quarantined DJ D-Nice started a Instagram Live series where he would DJ starting at 5 PM EST

He started with just 200 live viewers and by the end of the week he had sustained numbers of over 70,000 viewers for the duration of the session – which was 9 hours long! So incredible! He also went on to break the Instagram Live record with over 100,00 people watching the live stream at one time later on in the week on Saturday.

His Instagram following has grown from to over 1.4 million followers (at the time of writing this article on the afternoon of March 23, 2020) . I’m sure by the time you read this this number will go up. He gained 600,000 followers on Saturday night alone.

His posts averaged 3-5 k likes and the last three have surpassed the 100 K like mark


So what are the keys to this exponential growth?

While DJ D-Nice already has years of being in the spotlight behind him and a good size social media following to begin with, there are still many social media success lessons to pick up from his achievements. Here are the main social media success lessons from DJ D-Nice’s Instagram Live parties.


I know, you may be tired of hearing this, but consistency is key and it was a big part of this equation as well. DJ D-Nice certainly did not start off with huge numbers, but he was consistent in mentioning his live stream, and going live until he hit the monumentous 100K+ live viewers. He showed up for 200 viewers with the same energy he did for 100 K viewers.

Consistency doesn’t mean you have to show up EVERY.DAY. But it does mean you should commit to showing up as often as you can. I work with a client who hired my agency to post just once a week. At first I urged for more but this was all he could do – and for his account it works! The account grows consistently week after week.


Delivering the Engaging Content Your Audience Needs & Timing

Perhaps one of the biggest social media success lessons from DJ-DNice’s record breaking Instagram Live is that he gave his audience what they wanted and needed from him. We are currently in a scary situation, and people are looking for a distraction. Being stuck inside means people are getting bored, restless and in need of entrainment and stress relief. The combination of offering the audience what they need, when they need it is super important in seeing exponential organic growth

Be interactive and innovative

DJ D-Nice’s idea to go live with a set is not a super unique idea. Over the past week live sessions from fitness instructors, to culinary legends like Massimo Bottura teaching us how to cook, have been prevalent. But what made DJ D-Nice’s stand out? That his earlier set was 9 hours long, then 10 hours long! That caught the attention of many, and got him written up in several publications. He kept the consistency of keeping the party going each day.

The second part of this is that DJ-Dnice was able to keep his live video audience engaged for 10 hours! On each live he was very entertaining, and kept interacting with viewers, asking questions, changing hats and even started shouting out famous guests like Michelle Obama, Oprah and many more as they came onto the Instagram Live.

Direct Your Audience for UGC

Lastly, ask your clients for that user generated content and testimonials for social proof! When DJ D-Nice hit 100K live viewers he asked his viewers to get a shot of screen. Fans took the screenshot, posted it to their accounts and the image has been used on news publications, and generated a lot of extra eyes on his accounts

I wrote this post to show you that even during crazy times there are ways to adapt and make the best out of a situation. This past week we worked with clients on ways to pivot their businesses in order to succeed during this time when our lives have been altered. I hope you take these social media success lessons from the historic achievements of DJ D-Nice and apply them to your business. DJ D-Nice is absolutely NOT using social media the old way and I love it!

As always, if you need help during this time to ramp up or optimize your social media marketing or social media ads, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter if you just want tot chat.

Stay safe everyone! We’ll get through this together.

<3 DhariLo

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