Sweet Caroline’s Confections’ Amazing Sparkle Lollipops

Sweet Caroline’s Confections’ Amazing Sparkle Lollipops

This spring/summer have been so busy and this post is so long overdue!

Back in the spring I stumbled across the most beautiful sparkle lollipop I’d ever seen. I was at a children’s fashion event and the lollipop made me stop in my tracks and head over to a booth. It looked like a flattened snow globe filled with pink and gold beads. I hoarded it for a while, because it was just too pretty to eat, but when I finally unwrapped it I fell in love with it even more because it was absolutely delicious.

Fast forward a few weeks and it was just a rainy, sh*tty day here in NYC, and all I wanted was another one of those beautiful edible pieces of art to brighten my day. I posted a photo on my Instagram and Caroline was sweet enough to respond and send me a sample box, which beyond made my day – then I sat by the mailbox until they arrived.

I was SO excited to open the box! The packaging was simple, but so pretty. Caroline sent a variety of lollipop styles which all blew my mind! Each lollipop was stunning and like a work of art – how am I supposed to be okay with eating something so gorgeous? There were sprinkles that look like beads, sparkles, and even a Death Star lollipop. As I pulled each lollipop out of the box I was impressed by the flavors I was reading which included cotton candy, pear, melon and champagne. There are a ton of other amazing sounding flavors like guava, marshmallow and passion fruit. The sparkle lollipops are not too sweet, and the flavors aren’t overpowering – which is a tough balance to strike.

I am completely obsessed with these, and need to try every flavor on the list!

Sweet Caroline’s Confections is based in Colorado, but they ship all over the world. They even have the ability to add graphics and logos to the lollipops which makes them absolutely perfect for corporate events and special occasions! If you want to make your event stand out, the original sparkle lollipop is absolutely the way to go.

Check out the Sweet Caroline’s Confections website for more beautiful photos, info and to order here: www.SweetCarolinesConfections.com

<3 DhariLo


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