A Visit to The Museum of Ice Cream

A Visit to The Museum of Ice Cream

I got to check out the Museum of Ice Cream installation in NYC!

The Museum of Ice Cream is a little less museum and a little more of a fun interactive art installation with yummy treats to try along the way. Divided into several rooms you are ushered through each section of the museum into different experience. After checking in you are immediately greeted and handed a scoop of the museum’s ice cream flavor of the week. A different NYC ice cream vendor was featured in the museum each week. Among the vendors that participated were Oddfellows and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory who created museum exclusive flavors. As soon as you were done with your first treat, you moved on to the next room – where a museum worker created a sugar balloon filled with helium in front of your eyes. Two sides of the room made perfect Instagram backgrounds – a big pink wall covered in waffle ice cream cones and the other was a waffle cone wall with hanging ice lights!

You are then quickly whisked into the following room – where you learn a few ice cream facts and contribute a scoop to the “worlds largest ice cream sundae”. The “ice cream” you scoop is colored lard which is piled onto a huge heap on other lard balls with barely working scoops. The room after this was an underwhelming “chocolate” room. It smelled like chocolate, had some chocolate pillows on the floor, a large table filled with chocolate and a large screen but nothing on it. We then moved to the most photographed part of the whole museum – the sprinkle pool! After a few seconds of gathering courage to get into the sprinkle pool, we took off our shoes an hopped in. Everyone went into kid mode here and we snapped photos and played with the sprinkles until the heeby geeby’s came running back and we got out.

The final 2 rooms were next. The second to last room was an ice cream art exhibit. After receiving a berry that changes your taste buds you were encouraged to admire the ice cream inspired pieces which was a fun way to kill time while waiting for your final cone to appear from behind a wall onto a metal cone holding contraption. The berry changed the flavor of the lemon that topped the cone from sour to sweet. The final room was really fun! There was an ice cream sandwich swing, a scooper teeter tot and a sprinkle painting wall all of which of course made great photo moments. Everyone was super nice and helped each other take pictures and videos. There was also a gift shop featuring premium sprinkles, ice cream cone iPhone cases, ice cream pins and more.

Overall the museum was a really fun summer city activity. The ticket for the museum included all the treats and it took about an hour to finish the whole run. We felt a little rushed through the sections and didn’t get a chance to snap photos in each room because of it. Some of the installations need a little work, but we hear this was a test run for a larger exhibit to come – and we can’t wait!

P.S. We still have sprinkles in our shoes lol

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