We Need To Do Better #LatinosForBlackLivesMatter

We Need To Do Better #LatinosForBlackLivesMatter



This year has brought more pauses to life than ever. I really had to gather my thoughts for this because we must all do better. Period. No questions asked. We have to stand with our black brothers and sisters and educate ourselves on how to become strong allies.

This goes beyond a social media post. Beyond donating or signing a petition. It has to be every single day. It has to be in our actions.

To all my fellow Latinx and Hispanic people – we need to stand up for our black friends because even though you may not realize it you are in a position of more privilege.

Speak out when you see these injustices in your lives. Create the space for open, honest conversation. Hold people accountable and speak up, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

This isn’t new – we have to find a better way. Let’s uplift each other, always with love and respect. Better yet, spend your money at black and minority owned businesses before you go shop on Amazon. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers, but silence isn’t it.

I will be updating this post with resources and ways we can become better allies.



An AntiRacism Listening List from Audible: https://www.audible.com/blog/playlisted/an-antiracism-listening-list


5 Steps Latinxs Can Take To Combat Anti-Blackness


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