One of the Biggest Social Media Strategy Mindset Shifts to Have in 2020

One of the Biggest Social Media Strategy Mindset Shifts to Have in 2020

A big mistake I see entrepreneurs make when using social media to market themselves is that they post what they THINK they’re audience wants to hear. Shifting out of this mindset will be one of the best things you can you in the new decade for social media strategy success.

Many entrepreneurs posting on social media for business don’t think about what their audience actually needs. They’re posting from their perspective- which only attracts others like them and not their ideal clients. This mindset also keeps you on the hamster wheel of creating content over and over that really isn’t getting you in front of the people you need to be in front of.
One big key to success and gaining clients from social media is remembering to take a step back and really get to know who it is you want to attract to your offer. Keep in mind that it’s NOT about you anymore. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be 100% about your potential client and what they need and want to see from you both online and when they work with you.

If you keep ignoring your ideal clients you’ll continue to post without seeing any return, which means no growth for your business- or your bank account.

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