Join Algorithm Proof: Building An Unstoppable Instagram Strategy Group Coaching Program! April 2022

Are you ready to consistently get leads & sales from Instagram?

Learn the building blocks to an Instagram presence that grows and consistently attracts leads, traffic and sales without having to post every single day.

Creating a targeted Instagram strategy that’s specific to your business is hands down the most effective way to grow your business online so you can reach more people, attract new leads, and convert more sales!


AND having an audience growth plan and social media strategy is the most effective way to stop wasting time creating content that doesn’t get you any results. 

This group program gives you a focused and proven plan to build an Instagram strategy that grows your audience, and drives leads and sales faster than you have before! Discover how to finally turn followers into paying customers with a social media strategy that converts, even when you’ve been posting online for months with little results.


Once you join the program you will be handed the exact process I use to create successful Instagram strategies that work no matter what the algorithm is doing. You’ll craft an audience growth plan that’s custom to your business, but more importantly, one that attracts your ideal clients, and creates traffic and sales from your social media marketing.

You can have results like:

The steps my client took to go from 1 DM a week about her products to at least 2 sales a week!

My clients have gone on to make 4 and 5 figures in sales from a single Instagram post!

What is working on social media right now to grow an audience so you always have someone to sell to

You’ll never run out of content ideas or wonder what to post

Walk away with a sales focused Instagram strategy that gets you clients


A quick recap of what you’ll experience in this program:

6-week program with 6 LIVE calls (one call per week). The calls will include Q&A time.

Immediate access to video course (over 5 hours of trainings)

Get support and ask all the questions you need in our Facebook group!

Bonuses include: How To Create 2 Weeks of Content in 2 Hours class, Influencer marketing guide, Captions That Convert module, Analytics trackers, Course Enhancing Workbook, Progress trackers & surprise bonus materials/modules


Module 1: Crafting a Bio That Sells & Becoming Instantly Recognizable and Memorable Through Your Voice and Branding.

We’ll talk about your biography and what you can do to optimize it for more traffic. We’ll also take a dive into Instagram to understand how your audience is using it, so you can build a strategy that speaks to them!

We’ll review how to create a look and feel for your Instagram account to help you stand out from everyone else and extend your brand experience to your social media. 

Module 2: Constructing A Content & Audience Growth Plan That Gets Leads and Sales.

Getting to know your audience is key in figuring out how to speak to their pain points, and create a loyal following through your use of content. In this module I’ll share a my favorite tactics on finding your audience and what resonates with them.

We’ll start constructing your core Instagram strategy as I teach you the foundations that truly compose a strategy that will get you results – regardless of what the algorithm is doing. That’s because we’ll concentrate on the only things that truly matter.


Module 3: Get More Reach & Engagement By Easily and Quickly Dissecting Analytics So You Know What’s Worth Your Effort.

Analytics is NOT just about your follower numbers. Let me show you what metrics you should be keeping track of. I’ll also help you outline social media goals you can set for you business. You’ll be able to identify what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to cut the fat and concentrate on the tactics that are helping you gain reach and engagement.

Module 4:
Eliminating Content Overwhelm So You Always Know Exactly What To Post.

We’ll review content creation, how to never run out of posting ideas and I even give you an idea swipe file. You’ll also have access to a bonus module walking you through how to create captions that convert a passive follower into one that takes action. This section will cover:

  • Content and how to create it in bulk
  • How to easily create video content
  • Creating original content
  • Ideas on how to re-purpose your existing content
  • & more!


Module 5: How To Always Make Sure You’re Using CURRENT Strategies and Tactics.

The last class will be all about to how make sure you’re on top of tactics that are working RIGHT NOW so you’ll never get stuck with a stagnant strategy.



Learn the elements to selling on social media and follow the outline to create more sales in your business on your next launch. 

Getting started with growing your business on social media is as simple as making the choice to commit to your success.



I’ll be going live in the course Facebook group to review modules and your answer questions.

I want you to get the most out of this course – so each lesson will end with an actionable step towards getting you results. You can jot down all your homework with the accompanying workbook to help you tie everything all together.

You’ll have instant access to the modules, course workbook and BONUS social media strategy work book. At the end of this course you’ll have ALL the tools you need to get going on a social media strategy and grow your audience authentically and organically.

If you really want to grow your business online you can no longer avoid creating a social media strategy.

Your number of followers has nothing to do with how much money you can make from social media marketing. Someone with less followers than you is making more money all because they have a real strategy behind their accounts.

Posting content that is “cute” or just engaging for engagement’s sake that has nothing to do with your business will not cultivate an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

Posting randomly is not going to attract new engaged audience members on a consistent basis - Solely posting about your latest sale is not going to push drones of people to contact you…

Throwing together content just to get something posted isn’t going to work either.

The main thing that stops people from growing their businesses by using social media is the lack of a complete social media strategy. A solid plan will take the stress off of posting, and can cultivate an engaged community that’s ready to buy from you!


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There are 3 ways to join this amazing group coaching program

(and I’m only taking 25 people)



  • How To Create Content Consistently and How To Create 2 Weeks of Content in 2 Hours class
  • Social Media Engagement Plan
  • Influencer Marketing Guide
  • Captions That Convert class
  • Live Video Guide
  • Social Media Mindset Shifts for Success Workshop
  • Instagram Stories Workshop and Swipe Files
  • Social Media Audit Bundle
  • Analytics Tracker Templates
  • Course Enhancing Workbook
  • Progress trackers

Over $1,500 in value!

Next Round Starts April15, 2022

About Dhariana

Hey there, I’m Dhariana! I help entrepreneurs grow their business using social media strategy. I left my 9-5 to start a 6 figure social media agency in NYC. With a decade of experience in the social media marketing I have the insights you need to build your best social media presence that actually converts followers into customers. I am a Hubspot Academy course contributor, Social Media Today Expert, and you can find my articles in Social Media Week, Business 2 Community and the AgoraPulse blog.



Digital entrepreneurs, course creators, and online business owners who have made sales here and there on social media but haven’t been able to be consistent in sales. Those who are serious about creating a solid social media strategy for their brand or business. For people who are committed to make the changes the need to for success. I give you the blueprint, and you’ll be ready to set up and implement your strategy in just 6 weeks.



People looking for quick schemes. Social media is a marathon, not a race. This course will help you set the foundation for building an authentic following and community around your brand. You will have to go through the steps and put in the work to see results. But don’t worry I’ll give you homework and leave you with a customized, simple to follow formula for your business.



When does the course start and finish?

This round will be live starting April 15th and running for 6 weeks after


How long do I have access to the course?

How does a lifetime sound? After enrolling you’ll have unlimited access to the course. You’ll also get access to updates along the way


What if I am unhappy with the course?

Please note because of the nature of this course we do not offer refunds. Please read our full terms and conditions here.