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Live Video Guide Class & Checklist

With this guide you’ll feel prepared to go live at any time

Masterclass REPLAY: No More Fear Of Live Videos


This class is all about Live Videos! I personally had a fear of going live on social media, and now I do it regularly. I’ve been in your shoes, and what helped me was getting as organized as I could so I knew I’d be delivering the information my audience needed without feeling nervous. If I got off track a quick glance at my outline would get me right back on track. Now I’m sharing the tools that helped me and created this guide to help you feel prepared to go live at any time.


What’s included:

  1. Masterclass replay video
  2. Written guide that goes over:
    • Live video strategy planner
    • A challenge to help you just get started doing live videos
    • Walkthrough on going live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  3. TWO checklists to help you shake the nerves and feel prepared to go live

Please note this is a replay of a live masterclass.

Social Media Analytics Template bundle

Plug and play is the name of the game with this analytics bundle. Everything is set for you to simply input numbers.

The social media analytics trackers are my favorite part! Just plug in your numbers each week and month and the charts show you if you’ve grown or not. I’ve included columns Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn I take the guesswork out of what to track – just look for the stats needed in the analytics sections of your social media networks and off you go!

This bundle also includes individual tracker templates to keep up with numbers that matter specifically to Twitter and Instagram (I’ll be adding Facebook and you’ll also have access to that no matter when you purchase this bundle)

So what are you really getting with this bundle?

Besides getting awesome resources you’re getting:

  1. Organization
  2. No guess work!
  3. Not wasting any more time trying to figure it all out.

You won’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. This bundle has everything you need to help you benchmark where you are and the base to set goals for the future. Enjoy!

DhariLo Hashtag Guide

Let me walk you through the world of hashtags. This guide will walk you through everything you need to use hashtags strategically for social media growth and success.