Welcome to the Algorithm Proof: Building An Unstoppable Social Media Strategy Group Coaching Program!

I am so happy you’ve decided to take the next step in developing your business on social media and Instagram. This course is intended to give you insight into building a strong, organic social media following.


How it Works: For 6 weeks starting on April 15, 2022 we’ll be working together to build a solid social media strategy for your business. Each week I’ll be teaching live to go over the building blocks for you strategy. The full video from each lesson will then be uploaded within 24 hours along with any supplemental materials (workbook, checklists, etc.). You’ll have access to all bonus materials immediately.

In the end we’ll tie it all together to help you create an Instagram strategy for your brand or business.

I want you to get the most out of this course – so each lesson will end with an actionable assignment to push you towards getting results. You can jot down all your homework with the accompanying workbook that will be uploaded. 


See you for the first lesson and don’t forget to join the Facebook group here. I’ll be going live  to discuss the modules and answer questions. 


Now please sign up to my (free) Teachable school here so I can give you access to the Algorithm Proof portal!

<3 Dhariana Lozano