Back to Basics: The 5 P’s Of Social Media Marketing

Back to Basics: The 5 P’s Of Social Media Marketing

The 5 P’s are usually used in reference to content marketing, but I feel they apply to social media marketing also (and the two go hand in hand more often than not). The 5 P’s of content and social media marketing are a basic starting point to any new social media strategy, or reviving an existing one.

The 5 P’s of Content and Social Media Marketing


Planning and organizing are the building blocks to success. Start with your objectives, and work from there. Think about the best ways to maximize your return, the creative that you will need to create your campaigns, and any tools or technology you will need for your social media accounts. This is also a good time to think about any goals or benchmarks and how you will measure the the success of your social media presence or content specific campaign.


Next it’s time to get your hands dirty (or hire a content creator). Think not only about the main content piece but about any images or videos you want to create to promote your content piece or initiative. You can produce content and messaging and have it all ready to go for the next step which is…


Now that you have a campaign plan (or social media schedule) ready and have produced content, you have to have somewhere for this content to live. Choose where you will host your content based on your objectives. Are you trying to increase web traffic? You can publish your content to a blog. If you want to grow you email list you may want to gate the content on a landing page on your website. If you want more reach on your social channels then solely publish it there (Think IGTV, Twitter Moments etc.)


Promoting is how you give your content legs! I’m sure you tend to correlate “promote” with “money”, but this isn’t necessarily true. Posting on social media is promoting your content. Other strategies for promoting your content can vary from sending an email to your subscribers, to including it in your email signature. Of course if you want to give your content an extra push, putting aside a budget for social media ads is always helpful.


The last step is to prove whether or not what you did worked. Here is where those benchmarks and goals come in handy. Keep track of your analytics, hashtags, clicks, downloads or any other key performance indicators you may have identified. Finally quantify all that information and put together a report of how your content did to prove success.

My added tip is to then REPEAT what worked and stop doing what didn’t. Your take aways from each content campaign will help you expedite the content process, as it gives you insights into your audience’s behavior.

I know the 5 p’s seem pretty basic, but sometimes going back to basics can clear your mind of clutter and let great ideas shine through.

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