4 Effective Ways To Shave Time Off Of Your Social Media Management

4 Effective Ways To Shave Time Off Of Your Social Media Management

If you’re a social media professional you know how much time building and keeping up a social media presence can take up. For entrepreneurs who are managing their own social media marketing and running a business it can be very difficult to keep up with everything. So in this post I’m going over a few ways entrepreneurs and social media managers can shave time off of your social media management.

Create A Strategy And Content Schedule

Trying to build a brand on social media without a defined social media strategy can be really counter productive and a waste of time. You’ll find yourself just posting to post, with no rhyme or reason which leads to seeing no return from social media marketing. This is why the main way to shave time off of your social media management is to have a set strategy and schedule

A social media content schedule will help you create consistency and retention, fill in any content gaps, figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your audience, and finally – it will help you not tear your hair out in frustration from looking for what to post. You can learn about even more benefits to creating a content schedule here: Why You Should Create A Core Social Media Schedule (And How To Do It)


Once you have your strategy and schedule figured out using tools to automate publishing will shave time off your social media management routine. Without tools all us social media marketers would be going nuts! Effective social media strategies are built on using a mix of automation and real time engagement. Publishing tools like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Hubspot and Buffer can help you automate and batch retweets. These also offer analytics tools to help you figure out how your account is doing and improve your content going forward.

Resources For Learning

Social media changes in a New York minute! Sometimes is can be hard to keep up with all the shifts or learn how to use all the new features a network may roll out. In order to save time learning about social media I suggest looking at some resources for learning. These can be your favorite blogs, sites like Social Media Today, or you can invest into a coaching, courses or social media memberships (like my DhariLo Social Media Lounge) to help you dive deeper into social media and get specific questions answered.

Set Aside Time For Engagement

We are at a point in social media where engagement with your audience is a key element in growing your network. With so many accounts, posts, and messages being thrown at us every day, we must make the extra effort to truly take part of the community and put the social into social media. The thing is, engaging takes time. One way to shave time off your social media engagement is to set aside a designated amount of time for engaging. Start with taking about 15 minutes a day and go from there.

I hope these tips help you shave time off of your social media management routine. Use your new found time on other things – like running your business. The best way to save time if you’re a busy entrepreneur is to hire someone to take over social media marketing for you. If you’re currently looking for social media help, contact me or drop me a comment below!

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I am a Hubspot Academy course contributor, Social Media Today Expert, and you can find my articles in Social Media Week, Business 2 Community and the AgoraPulse blog.

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