8 Tweet Ideas for Twitter’s 280 Character Limit

8 Tweet Ideas for Twitter’s 280 Character Limit

Twitter’s 280 character limit has just rolled out to everyone! In this post I’ll give you a few tweet ideas on how you can use the new update for your brand or business.

Personally, I really liked the 140 character limit, and after being in this industry for years got really good at chopping down long form text down to fit the restrictions. I loved the challenge. I also think it was part of the appeal of Twitter – you knew you were logging on to short thoughts and not long rants. I’d rather have an edit tweet option than more characters (who’s with me??). With that said, this isn’t a terrible update, since it can be really hard to fit everything you need into 140 characters.

8 Tweet Ideas For Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit


1. More Room To Tell Your Story

So the first advantage of Twitter’s 280 character limit expansion is that you have more room to tell your story. Before it was a little more difficult to really tell a story on Twitter with only 140 characters. Although you don’t have have THAT many more characters, you can now add a little more context (and complete thoughts and sentences) where you couldn’t before.

2. Multiple Links In Tweets

More characters mean more links! Now that you have 280 characters you can include more links in your tweets. I used this format in a sort of “In case you missed it” tweet and included links to two of my top social media tips of this year. Check out the tweet below.

3. Round Ups

With Twitter’s 280 character limit you can now develop more robust round up tweets on Twitter. Create round up tweets to tag your favorite influencers, or share the best articles in your industry for the week or month. This type of tweet is great for giving followers some value added tweets.

4. List Posts

Aside from round ups the new Twitter 280 character limit can give you more opportunities for creating list posts. List posts are really popular because they give readers a lot of info in one place. Share a list of your favorite tools, a short how-to, quick tips, or products you use most. In this example I use a list format to tease and drive traffic to my 8 Things You Can Learn From The Best Instagram Accounts blog post.


5. Vertical Tweets

The new Twitter 280 character limit give you the ability to create longer vertical tweets. This may seem useless, but longer tweets will visually take up more room in feeds (which is good for you but can be annoying to readers). Play with spacing and different ways to take up space and get more attention to your tweets. And please don’t do it too often.

6. Longer Quotes

Have you ever tried to share a quote and then before you know it you’re out of room! There goes tagging the influncer you meant to. With 280 characters you should have more than enough room to share longer tweets, AND tag the person who said it. Tagging the creator of the quote can help gain the attention of the person and in turn help you gain more visibility for your account.

7. Ask Longer Questions

Engagement is key for growth, and now you can ask more robust questions from your audience to build more engagement and interaction on your accounts.

8. Add More Context To Quote Tweets

Part of creating a well rounded Twitter presence is retweeting others. With Quote Tweets Twitter gave us an opportunity to add our own thoughts to retweets – which was a great opportunity to tell your followers why you found this info important – and why they should check it out too. With the new Twitter 28- characters you’ll be able to add even more thought and personality to your Quote Tweets – further building relationships and interaction with your followers.

Whether you love or hate the new Twitter 280 character limit, it’s best to learn to use it to your advantage. Do you have any ideas on how you will use the new limit? Let me know in a comment!

<3 DhariLo

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