7 Elements Behind Every Successful Brand on Social Media

7 Elements Behind Every Successful Brand on Social Media

Social media can be a pretty complicated subject because so many variables fluctuate from brand to brand and industry to industry. With that said, there are some common variables that remain true no matter what kind of business you are trying to promote using social media marketing.

Here are 7 Elements of Every Successful Brand on Social Media

1. They know their audience

This means everything from what time they’re online to what types content resonates with their fan base, down to what colors their followers react to. Knowing your audience is a key factor of setting up a successful social media presence for your business. Audience insights will help you figure out what what kind of content to produce, where to find your target base, and will give you ideas on how to make your product or service relevant in your audience’s lives.

2. They don’t waste time on networks that don’t work

Ever notice that not all brands cover all networks. It’s because spending energy on a network that doesn’t yield any results for your business is just not a good use of time and resources. It’s more useful to spend time on further developing the networks and campaigns that offer a return on your activities.

3. They have clear and consistent branding

Visual content like images, .GIFs, infographics and videos get better reach than plain text posts. But, lets now throw in the fact that more people are getting better at creating content. Not only do you have to take the quality of your content in mind, but you must consider how to create content that your audience recognizes as yours as soon as they set eyes on it.

People and brands that have a successful social media presence take the time to create a visual “experience” for their customers by incorporating brand colors, similar editing style, lighting or framing for photos and videos they publish.

4. They’ve developed a clear “voice”

Visuals and your brand voice go hand in hand. You want fans to know they’ve landed on your brand’s account and submerge them in your brand experience. Your voice on social media relates to the language in captions and messaging, to showing the “personality” behind your brand.

Clearly defining your voice and tone can attract the right people to your account, as well as reinforce the relationship between brand and fans.

5. They track and measure results

You won’t know how far you’ve come unless you know where you’ve been. Brands that are successful on social media keep track of the health of their accounts, and track campaign results. Analyzing your account will give you insight into the growth (or lack thereof) of your social media presence. You can replicate the activities that have been proven to work and stop doing the things are aren’t bringing you any results.

6. They define benchmarks and set goals

Setting benchmarks and goals is the next part to analyzing your social media accounts. If you’ve been feeling a little stagnant in your social media efforts or just need to re-energize your strategy try setting benchmarks for yourself. These can be based on industry standard benchmarks or based on your account’s past performance.

Having a goal to work towards or benchmark to beat will help you get motivated to increase your results.

7. They leverage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to get in front of new eyes, and get more content for your own feed! Brands that are successful on social media take advantage of influencer marketing by creating content based on influencers, or creating influencer campaigns that fit their industry. This can include inviting an influencer to take over your account and more! The ultimate goal is to align yourself with the right influencers for your business, to get your product or service (as well as your social presence) out to people you may have not been able to reach before. To brush up on some influencer marketing basics read my post: How to Win With Influencer Marketing.


I hope this post helps you towards understanding how to build a successful brand on social media!

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