How To Create and Use Snackable Content For Social Media Growth

How To Create and Use Snackable Content For Social Media Growth

Creating value and offering great information to your audience and potential customers is key in acquiring and retaining your social media following. Creating snackable content is one way to achieve these goals through visuals, drive traffic back to larger pieces of content, while also having content for your content schedule. In this post I’ll review how to create this kind of content to support your social media goals and growth.

So, what is snackable content?

Snackable content is content or information that is “quick” and easily digestible. Your audience won’t have to dedicate minutes to reading or watching it which makes it ideal for creating visual content for your social media channels. Creating these snackable pieces can also help with keeping consistent when it comes to posting frequency. These little snippets of content can be used to

  • Reinforce your brand voice
  • Drive traffic to larger content pieces
  • Promote on or offline initiatives
  • Surprise and delight your audience
  • To create deeper connections with your audience

Get creative and try to create your own visual snackable content! If something is visually pleasing and informational, there are more chances of someone sharing that graphic – which gives more visibility for your brand (and hopefully to like minded individuals).

Now that we’ve covered what snackable content is, let’s move on to how you can create your own snackable content for you social media channels.


I always go back to visualizing quotes – people will always love a good quote they can relate to. Your quotes can simply reinforce your brand voice or visually with the image you use. Another way to use quotes is to feature sayings from your industry leaders, influencers (a great way to get their attention), or your own company employees or CEO. Grab quotes from event speakers and over lay them onto their photo to promote your event or their individual sessions. Quotes can also be taken from larger content pieces like articles, white papers, or blog posts and you can use them to drive traffic back to the larger pieces.

There are so many free phone apps and web tools like Canva, Pablo by Buffer, and Phonto to help you create quote visuals. Try a few and pick your favorite. Here are 3 apps to help you create graphics.

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Infographics let you condense a lot of information into one visual piece. They require more time and planning, but they are easy to share and a again great way to drive traffic to a larger content piece. Depending on your industry, visualizing facts can help drive home concepts for your followers. If your main content piece is an article with a large infographic, consider only sharing a portion of the main infographic or creating a second more simple image to share and drive traffic back to the full graphic.

Tips and How To’s

This is a strategy I use and have implemented for many of my clients. I create a graphic for my tips and link back to them when I post them on my social media channels. Quick tips add value for your customer and build trust – you don’t even have to link them to anywhere, just let your audience read and absorb the information you’re giving them. How to’s and product demos teach your audience something new, while learning about your product. Remember that adding value is one of the best ways to attract your target audience.

Videos (and Live Videos)

Videos are all the rage (and drive the most reach at the moment). Get out there and show us some behind the scenes action or a tease of upcoming event on Instagram Stories, or get a Q&A going on Facebook Live. Videos don’t have to be overly complicated check out my post “How to Easily Create Great Video Content” to get a few ideas and tools for creating your next video. You can also read 4 Ways to Use Live Video on Instagram Twitter and Facebook for some live video ideas. Below is a screenshot of a behind the scenes Boomerang I shared in my Instagram Story on set with one of my favorite clients.

Here's a behind the scenes Boomerang I shared in my Instagram Story on set with one of my favorite clients.

Tease Upcoming Campaigns or Releases

Teasing bigger upcoming campaigns or a release is a good opportunity for snackable content. Give your audience a preview of what’s to come. For example, if you are launching a new menu share one upcoming item (or a close up detail photo) and get your audience excited about what you’ve got going on in the kitchen. Once you launch the menu share photos of individual items and ask people to see the full menu with your messaging.


Last but not least and possibly the easiest form of snackable content to create and share is lifestyle content. WTF do I mean by “lifestyle”? Think about your buyer or brand persona. Everything from your target consumer’s age to what they like to do, where they hang out, etc. Your lifestyle content brings your buyer persona “to life” in a sense – it highlights interests beyond your product or brand. Like building any relationship, find out what overall interests, or personality traits your target consumer has and create content to appeal to that part of them. This helps you create a deeper connection with those you are trying to reach. You can create your own or use stock images. Here is an example of a lifestyle post from my Instagram account which is aimed at entrepreneurs, or bloggers like me who want to learn about social media marketing.


Snackable content can be created for one off posts or for longer, larger campaigns. For example you can create a set of snackable content pieces all for an upcoming webinar or event. There are a few things to consider when creating a visual content campaign:

– Longevity: How long can you keep this campaign going?

– Frequency: How often will you be sharing this content? If this can go on forever like featuring a new quote or pushing a blog post each week – great! If not, roll out the snackable content pieces in a matter that makes sense with your current content schedule.

– Graphics: Make sure your visuals keep with the look and feel of your brand. Discreetly include (all or at least one of ) your logo, website and hashtag on your images (in case someone decides to repost it)

Snackable content is a great way to remain consistent, give value to your audience, and expand the online footprint of your brand. Think about how you want your audience to see you, and what value your snackable content is adding for them. Focus on creating really great visuals. Wether that’s an industry fact, or an uplifting quote, a live video or quick how to – snackable content can also help you develop and represent your brand voice, while connecting with your core audience (hopefully turning them into the next level: brand advocates).

What snackable content pieces are your favorite to share? 

P.S. Learn to put all your content to work and plan a year of social media posts in advance by creating a social media content calendar.

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