My Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips of 2017!

My Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips of 2017!

Before we begin I just want to thank all my readers! This year has had ups and downs, but receiving messages and comments from you has motivated me to keep blogging and aspire to grow and bring you even more social media goodness in the new year. As we begin to say goodbye to this year – here’s a look back at my top 5 social media marketing tips of 2017.

Drum roll please…


5. How to Re-brand Your Instagram Account

I took a look at my Instagram account and realized I hated how it looked. I took the time to think about how I wanted to upgrade my Instagram feed and after implementing a few changes I’ve seen great results in the form of more reach and engagement. In this post I have a few tips to share on how you can rebrand your Instagram account. Read How to Re-brand Your Instagram Account.


4. Instagram for Business: 12 Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram is an excellent network for branding and visibility. You can share and curate images and videos to visually create an experience for anyone visiting your account. As with all social media marketing, creating an authentic feed that continuously grows organically comes with its own set of rules for businesses. In this post I’ll review 12 Instagram for business do’s and don’ts. Read Instagram For Business: 12 Do’s and Don’ts.

3. How to Find the RIGHT Hashtags for Your Business

Everyone will tell you one of the best ways to see growth in social media marketing for your business is to use hashtags. What they don’t mention is that utilizing the right hashtags for your business is essential to attracting your core audience (and not just randos browsing the internet). But how do you go about finding the most effective hashtags for your business? In this post I’ll show you how to find hashtags that convert into growth for your business along with some of my favorite hashtag research tools and a few tips. Read How To Find The RIGHT Hashtags For Your Business.

2. Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & More!

Organic reach has definitely declined greatly over the years, and with new brands popping up every day reach could continue to decline. But don’t freak out! That doesn’t mean you can’t improve your own organic reach and get the most interaction from your audience. Increased reach means more eyes on your content and brand, as well as more opportunities to raise engagement and gain potential new fans and customers – and I’ll show you how to increase your organic reach without spending a cent on social media ads. Read Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & More!


…And the number one post of 2017 is…


1. 6 Instagram Poll Sticker Ideas For Your Brand Or Business

Instagram has a released a feature that rivals a Twitter feature that I love: Instagram Poll Stickers. Now you can add a question with two answer options to your Instagram Story image or video. Your followers simply tap on the answer they’d like to choose! In this post we’ll review Instagram Poll stickers and 6 ways you can use them for your brand or business. Read 6 Instagram Poll Sticker Ideas For Your Brand Or Business.



Thank you again for reading my social media tips, happy holidays everyone!

<3 DhariLo

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  • Stefan Alexander
    Posted at 06:23h, 30 December

    Hi, Dharilo! Thank you for sharing all these tips with us. I’ve been following some of them and I have seen a great increase in reach and engagement. I’m now working on my Twitter, and getting more active on the platform. It works best for personal branding and I’m benefiting a lot from Twitter Chats. It’s been great reading your articles this year, and will be keeping up with you as you publish more. Thanks again!

    • DhariLo
      Posted at 13:13h, 02 January

      Thank you for reading! Lots of new stuff coming 🙂