Why You Should Live Tweet

Why You Should Live Tweet

I absolutely love Twitter. Although there is a learning curve to using the network, the power of Twitter is truly under rated. Using Twitter can help you quickly establish connections and build your brand in a more direct way that other networks can offer. In this post I’ll review the top reasons why you should live tweet.

Brand Awareness

Live tweeting during an event or Twitter chat builds brand awareness because people using or looking up the hashtag will see your tweets. This exposes your account to people who may have not known about you before.

Reach People Offline

I know, it sounds weird, but live Tweeting can help you reach people offline. At many events or conferences there are live Twitter streams on large screens. People that are not online at the moment might stop to check out the action and see your tweets!

Getting People To Visit Your Booth

Live tweeting during a conference or event using the event hashtag can help you attract people to your booth or station. You can also directly tweet at people using the event hashtag in their tweets to give a more personal, one on one invite to your booth.

Build Thought Leadership/ Establish Credibility

Live tweeting from an event or participating in a Twitter chat can help build thought leadership because those participating will see what you bring to the conversation. Showcase your knowledge, give constructive advice, ask questions – in short, be part of conversations and contribute as much as you can.

Humanizing Your Brand

One of the beauties about live tweeting is that it gives you the opportunity to show personality and humanize your brand. It shows that not everything is planned to the moment and that there are people and thoughts behind the Twitter account – all which help you connect with your audience.

Targeted Follower Growth

If you’re looking to boost your following a little, try live tweeting! Interacting live with people chatting about a topic related to your industry, or a pain point for your audience is a great way to gain followers within your target audience. While working for a client in the financial industry I was able to gain 250 followers in just a few hours – just by live tweeting and interacting with others attending one event!

Do you ever live tweet for your brand?

<3 DhariLo

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